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Experienced strategic planning, operational efficiencies, financial analysis, and creative problem-solving for your senior living or startup business.

Comprehensive Consulting Services for Your Business

I help you make things the way you want them to be, not the way I want them to be.

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Transform Your Business with Operational Improvement and Optimize Efficiency

Guiding you and your team through the steps and processes of various challenges. Coach your team in learning what steps to take in new or challenging situations

  • Serve as a connector to various experts and professionals.

  • Connect the dots on seemingly unrelated data points into a meaningful picture and action plan.

  • Summarize dense and complicated data into clear and actionable information.

  • Willing to read and research and dig deeper into the details and look further behind the scenes than most people.

  • Search for creative solutions that fit within the culture of my clients.

Client Feedback

Read what my clients have to say about me

Dennis consistently brings value to my role with his insightful counsel. He is available to discuss business matters promptly, ensuring timely support. Leveraging his background as a former Senior Living CFO, Dennis speaks the language of the industry, offering practical solutions to enhance our accounting and finances at Koelsch.

Colin Bossio

CFO, Koelsch Communities

Dennis has the senior living operational experience and intuition that give him the ability to offer real-world advice that comes instinctively. His analytical skills have been instrumental in shedding light into areas of inefficiency and empowered us to improve our operating margins. Additionally, he is a terrific sounding board through the process of strategic brainstorming and planning.”

Doug Ostrom,


Dennis has a great track record and an in-depth understanding of multi-family and senior assisted living operations. He has helped me immensely with underwriting and debt and capital stack analysis. He’s a great listener and offers thought-provoking questions that most operators won’t think of themselves, he can break down small or large problems and create solutions that move the needle inside the company.

Garrett Terrell

Owner, Rocket Capital

I had the pleasure of working with Dennis, and I couldn't be more grateful for his expertise and support. Dennis's guidance in strategic planning was invaluable as I embarked on the journey of starting my own business. His keen insight and strategic acumen helped me navigate the complexities of business planning with confidence and clarity.

Aaron Townsend

Owner, Flex Designs