Transforming Business Together 

Meet Dennis Christianson

Dennis is in the 4th decade of his varied working career. The first decade he served in public and private human services as a mental health provider, counseling supervisor and program administrator. The second decade he was the operations and financial administrator of a fast-growing religious non-profit that included a school. The third decade he was the EVP/CFO of a premier senior living developer and operator on the west coast that grew from 10 communities to nearly 40 across 8 states while he was there learning from, assisting and advising the owner on a broad range of issues. 

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For the avoidance of doubt, Dennis likes to tackle novel issues and take on new challenges.

His breadth and range of experience allows him to serve as a connector to other experts and professionals. He is able to “connect the dots” on seemingly unrelated data points and draw a meaningful picture and action plan. He is naturally curious enough to take the time to read, research and rummage deep into the details. His tendencies toward brevity and efficiency allow him to summarize dense and complicated data into clear and actionable information.

Dennis will search for creative solutions that fit with the culture and leadership styles of his clients. He comes prepared with an open mind and a listening ear and will offer ideas and solutions that stem from what you need and want for your business. 

“I truly believe I will be successful if I can first help you be successful.” Dennis Christianson