Transforming Business Together 

Creative Problem Solving & Insights

Creativity and innovation often stem from asking enough questions about “why” things are the way they seem. Sometimes we learn things are not at all the way they seem. I enjoy creative problem-solving and “wondering” about possibilities that we can play out together on a proforma before you commit to actual changes.

I come to the table with a unique blend of data-based attention to detail and a broad-minded view of the possibilities and options to be considered. “What if…” is a favorite question of mine. I see the obstacles on the path ahead but I don’t view them as barriers. Rather, I view them as challenges that have to be worked around, climbed over or dug under.

I prefer a collaborative and consensus-based approach to problem-solving. This doesn’t mean everyone needs to like the plan before we start. It does mean everyone needs to commit to sincerely working on the plan that was decided upon by the decision maker.